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June 26, 2020

Supporting Your Alternative Housing Choices and the World Around Us

Techno Metal Post is very aware the 21st Century can be characterized by a shift towards less traditional choices, ways, and products – be it how we buy and source food, our mode of transportation, rethinking our energy sources, or shopping on-line. Just as people are making informed decisions about how they consume or spend their time, they are also making informed choices about housing. The reasons are as varied as the individuals: environmental, cost, time, availability of space, efficiency, up-keep, down-sizing, prohibitive cost of real estate, aging population, multi-generational families, ideology, etc. The growing popularity of a wide variety of alternative dwelling spaces reflects these values. Whatever the reason, whatever the space, Techno Metal Post is meeting those trends, answering those needs, and reflecting those values.

Whatever housing you choose, it is only as strong and durable as the foundation it is built on. Techno Metal Post is the ideal foundation solution for any home – traditional or alternative. Your home – regardless of style or size – needs to be solid, strong, and secure. With Techno Metal Post helical piers, you can be certain it will be, and it will stand the test of time.

Thanks to our highly specialized proprietary machinery and our professionally trained and certified installers, Techno Metal Post helical piers can be quickly and effortlessly installed. With our helical pier foundation system, there is usually NO need for excavation NOR concrete. The cost of time and labour are significantly reduced as there is no digging, no hauling away of dirt, no need to protect dug-out holes from rain or waiting for an inspector, no mixing and pouring of concrete, and no time waiting for it to cure. The beauty of a Techno Metal Post foundation: helical piers are simply installed in only a few days, and you can begin building immediately and securely.

Alternative Housing Options and Techno Metal Post

The most common and traditional way of building homes is “Site-built” (or “Stick-built”). These dwellings are completely constructed on-site on permanent foundations, which can be built simply and very effectively on Techno Metal Post helical piers. Certified and proven to be durable, our piers are designed, engineered, and tested to the highest standards, ensuring they can withstand the relevant loads and conditions possible.

Many people are now also looking towards alternatives to the traditional Site-built home. A growing market is in alternative housing, namely by using “Off site” building systems:

Modular Home

Increasing in popularity is the “Modular Home”, built indoors in a controlled factory setting, and then transported (usually in two or more sections) to a final location where it is assembled on-site on a permanent foundation. With Techno Metal Post helical piers, the foundation is effortlessly installed, and you can be guaranteed a strong, stable, and durable structure for years, even in the most challenging terrains. Piers are installed in a few days, sometimes in less than one day, so you can begin assembling your home immediately. We also make sure installation complies with all municipal regulations and adheres to strict quality standards.



Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Another popular alternative dwelling space, especially on the west coast of North America, is the “Accessory Dwelling Unit” (ADU). Built on a foundation, an ADU is a secondary housing unit on a single-family residential lot. Owned by the proprietor of the primary house, ADU’s can be attached or adjacent to the primary house; are significantly smaller than the primary house; and must be of the same architectural style as the primary house. Thanks to our compact installation machinery, we can install piers close to existing structures, pools, gardens, and decks, without disruption to your property or landscaping, and we can easily access hard-to-reach areas on your lot.

Tiny House

A growing phenomenon is the “Tiny House” movement. In many circles, “tiny house” typically refers to a small home or trailer with wheels and axles that can be moved from one location to another. While there is great debate as to what does and does not constitute a Tiny House, the 2017 International Code Council’s (ICC) official definition of a Tiny House does not limit it to wheels and can therefore include a foundation. (Note: A Tiny House is not an ADU.) Techno Metal Post helical piers are the perfect solution for a solid foundation year-round, thanks to our exclusive green sleeve which prevents the pier from moving during the frost/thaw cycles. Our installation process is effective and environmentally friendly with our specialized, compact machinery. And as with Manufactured Homes, the piers can be removed and relocated.


Studio Shed

Prefab backyard “Studio Sheds” are another housing alternative that is on the rise. Though they can be used for storage, these sheds are not the usual 4-by-4 that stores your lawnmower. Smaller than an ADU, these sheds are small modern studios, often aesthetically designed for living, home offices, creative spaces, or a quiet place of one’s own. A simple Techno Metal Post helical pier foundation is the perfect solution for these flexible backyard dwelling spaces. The prefab shed, and foundation, can be easily moved around a property thanks to the simple installation and removal process of our helical piers. And because the process is very environmentally friendly, we can even install piers for your studio shed around trees without any harm.

Shipping Container Home

“Shipping Container Homes” are also becoming more and more popular. Inexpensive and low maintenance, they are a housing alternative which is gaining ground. These 20 to 40-foot steel containers are being transformed into a vast and creative range of dwelling spaces – from simple, comfortable homes to modern, high-end housing. On a Techno Metal Post helical pier foundation, shipping container homes can be easily and securely anchored almost anywhere. Our helical piers are designed, engineered, and tested to support heavy loads in various soil conditions. And our compact installation machinery can access some of the most difficult terrains, without disruption to your property.


Manufactured Home

One of the earlier – and still-popular – alternative dwelling options is the “Manufactured Home”, commonly known as a “Mobile Home” prior to 1976. Manufactured Homes typically do not have a permanent foundation and are essentially characterized by their lack of a basement. However, once transported to their location the chassis can be placed on a foundation. A Techno Metal Post helical pier foundation will provide a long-lasting, strong and stable base for Manufactured Homes. Solid and secure, our piers are guaranteed to prevent all movement, especially during frost/thaw cycles, or in cases of drought for clay soil. And should you decide to move, we can remove the helical piers and relocated them to your new lot.

Techno Metal Post: Supporting Your Choices

From the ground up, guarantee your dwelling’s foundation with Techno Metal Post. With our quality helical piers, our innovative technology, and our skilled engineers, you can be sure your home – whatever housing you choose – will remain strong, stable, and secure for years to come. Protect your home and your investment. People are making informed choices today. Techno Metal Post is one of them.




Techno Metal Post makes life easier for anyone with a construction project that requires a foundation in almost any type of soil.

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