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December 11, 2018

New dealer in Yellowstone, Montana USA

Jesse Brown is one of the newest dealers to join our Techno Metal Post family in February 2018. He hails from Bozeman, Montana, in the beautiful Yellowstone Park region. He has been in construction since he was 18 and started his own construction company in 2005, after graduating from college. He works primarily in new residential construction and remodelling, and as of 2007, he also does high-end construction work.

Jesse’s “Ah-ha!” moment came when first saw helical piers (piles) installed on a deck project in 2011. “It was a realization that there was a far superior solution to concrete pilings and footings.” In 2012, he met with Serge Larouche (USA Manager) to begin looking into establishing his own Techno Metal Post dealership. He admits that it took some time to get set up and to finance his investment. “I’d been in touch with Serge for a number of years, and finally, I was able to make it happen.” In February 2018, his dream was realized. Jesse is now very keen to begin implementing the piers for residential projects – from starter homes, all the way to high-end customised houses in the Yellowstone region.

During his week of training at Techno Metal Post head office in Quebec, Canada, Jesse said he was “more impressed than I thought I’d be with the comprehensive knowledge (of everything) from mechanical, to marketing, to installation” processes. He was also very impressed by how “at ease, happy, and content everyone is here”, and that he feels he is well-supported by the TMP community. “I feel like I am set up for success. I feel that I will never be alone – even when I’m out on a solo job, installing piers in minus 20 degrees.”

In their spare time, Jesse and his fiancé, Sarah, who is a small animal veterinarian, love to hike and camp in Yellowstone Park. Jesse also loves to go alpine and cross-country skiing, and hunting.




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