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May 30, 2019

New dealer in Brockville/Kingston, Canada

Techno Metal Post is very happy to introduce a new team to the Techno Metal Post family: Ed Myers and Simon Brunet. Ed is our new dealer-owner for Techno Metal Post Brockville/Kingston (formerly Techno Metal Post Perth), and Simon is heading-up sales. Ed and Simon have worked together for the past 13 years and are looking forward to installing piers and embarking on this new project.

A native of Brockville, Ed has spent most of his career in the construction industry. Since 2001 he has had his own building company specializing in windows, doors, and small additions. In his free time, he loves fishing and snowmobiling. He is married with two children and is soon to be a grandfather for the 4th time.

Originally from Ontario, Simon grew up, lived, and worked in Halifax for 30 years. Simon has had a very varied and interesting career. For many years he was a chef and then decided to make the jump to construction. When asked about the connection between the two professions Simon smiles and says, “The quickest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach or their house – food and construction do that.” He and his family moved back to Brockville in 2005, where he met Ed and began working for him.

Ed’s trajectory to Techno Metal Post is bitter-sweet. Travis Clark, the former Techno Metal Post dealer in the region (Techno Metal Post Perth) had installed piers for some of Ed’s sunroom projects. Impressed with the product, Ed became more interested in the world of helical piers and started exploring the possibility of having his own dealership with another company, as Travis was the Techno Metal Post dealer in their area. Several weeks after Travis had installed the posts for Ed, Ed was contacted by Alain Papineau and discovered that Travis had died. Ed stepped in to buy the dealership, establishing Techno Metal Post Brockville/Kingston, and continuing the work of Techno Metal Post in the region.

Both Ed and Simon said the week with us has been very good, very educational, “a lot of fun” and that it has flown by. They said one of their biggest learnings is the shift from concrete to piers and moving away from “old school construction.” They are also really impressed with how “well-organized” everything and everyone is and how well “everybody knows their job.” Ed and Simon are also very appreciative with how bilingual the team is and how seamless communication has been. They have been pleasantly surprised that “there is no language barrier at all” – something they expressed as very important when trying to establish this new business. Their lasting impression of Techno Metal Post is that it is “a big company with a small family feel. Everybody likes working here. There are no false smiles.”

Teaming-up together in their new Techno Metal Post endeavour, Ed and Simon’s first plan of action is to educate the public about helical piers as the alternative to concrete piers. They plan to grow the business so that by next year they will be able to have two machines (an EM1 as well as an R2D) and to bring on a few more installers. In the meantime, both plan on being on-site busily putting piers in the ground!




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