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March 11, 2019

High-Water Table and Your Foundation

A growing concern

Techno Metal Post is aware that today, many people are living in zones where the water table is high. Some people are there by choice (coastal homes, cottages, etc.), but many more, not so much by choice as by chance. Homes and cottages that never used to be in flood zones now find themselves in flood zones. High-water tables are common in low-lying areas or in areas where the soil is not well-drained. However, regions where water tables once were “normal”, now find these tables are increasingly on the rise. Seasonal high-water tables are becoming higher and higher, causing more frequent and more severe seasonal flooding. As a result, there is significant damage to people’s homes, or they have lost their dwellings altogether.

Be it the increasing risk of extreme weather, due to climate change, or be it our land use and development, the new reality is water is on the rise – especially in and around flood plains. With this, there is an ever-growing and pressing need for secure, solid, reliable, and durable foundations.

Techno Metal Post answers this need. Our helical pier foundations are the ideal solution for protecting your structure and ensuring your home remains strong and stable, even in areas with high-water tables and flooding.

Why use Techno Metal Post helical piers instead of traditional concrete footings for your foundation, especially in these challenging conditions?

No avoiding it, concrete footings require excavation, and excavation and water are not a great mix. It is very difficult to do excavation where there is a high-water table, especially for something as paramount as a house foundation. If you dig down close to the water table, water will flow in (nature abhors a void), making unavoidable pump and drainage works, destabilizing the sides of the hole and creating more work when the excess dirt, from the cave-ins, needs to be removed. Think: cost of time and labour, as well as a safety concern here! Then, there is the issue of ensuring the area for your footings is as dry as possible. You need to be sure all the water is removed before you pour the concrete. If not, it will not pass inspection, which is required when using traditional concrete footings. Depending on the soil near the high-water table, there is also a risk of footing settlement after the excavated area dries, which can create foundation problems down the road.

With a Techno Metal Post helical pier foundation, you can build your structure – including your home – in any soil, even where there is a high-water table. Our helical piers can be installed in any soil conditions and are ideal for challenging territory, including flood plains. There is absolutely no excavation required with helical piers, so there is no need to worry about avoiding or removing water. The piers are simply screwed into the ground with our proprietary machinery, which can access any terrain – wet, dry, or frozen. No digging, no holes, no concrete, no mess, and no need for concrete inspections. Your structure is ready to build on immediately, and there is absolutely no worry about settlement. Your Techno Metal Post helical pier foundation is strong, solid, and guaranteed not to move. With our green polyethene sleeve, there is also no risk of heaving during frost/thaw cycles or in cases of drought for clay soil.

By choice or by chance, whether you live along a river bank, adjacent to a flood plain, or simply in an area with high-water tables, Techno Metal Post helical pier foundations are the guaranteed solution to protect your home and investment.




Techno Metal Post makes life easier for anyone with a construction project that requires a foundation in almost any type of soil.

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