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November 25, 2015

Techno Metal Post: non concrete foundations

IMG_6042Screwed steel piles that serve as anchors and a solid foundation is the solution proposed by Techno Metal Post for problem soils. It is a little known technique, but has proved effective.

Techno Metal Post: non concrete foundations. In the soils of the Rhône and Isere, Clément Rouchouse and Maxime Albafouille undertook this adventure in 2012. They started, invested in the material and developed this specialist foundation system with conviction. "We often get called urgently when the soil quality is not adequate to lay traditional foundations. We work in the field of housing, but we are beginning to develop our system also in major infrastructure. Whether a traditional concrete foundation slab on unstable ground, a concrete slab cast directly onto the screw piles, or a structure of wood or steel built directly on the screwed piles Techno Metal Post system suits all types construction", says Clément Rouchouse. From the technical standpoint, the piles are screwed into the ground which is under the structure to achieve a dense and compact soil that has the desired bearing capacity. During installation, the machines measure the screwing torque, which allows determining the bearing capacity of each pile, and also in real time. Steel foundation supports are fitted under the structure to be fixed to the Techno Metal Posts. Thus, the weight of the structure is transferred directly onto the piles permanently. At this stage, the foundation can gradually settle or raise the structure, depending on the type of problem that arises. Thanks to an active engineering service, Techno Metal Post has developed a range of machines dedicated exclusively to the installation of helical piles. These machines allow installation of piles of bearing capacity in service of 225 kn (50,625 lbs) per pile. They are very flexible and can access almost any environment.

"Without excavation, without concrete, made for permanent or temporary use, this system also has very low environmental impact. We are independent and at the same time are part of the Techno Metal Post network and the engineering service is responsible for analyzing and validating all projects," adds Clément Rouchouse. Coming from Canada, this system has more than 20 years working around the world and today has a network of over 120 dealers. Techno Metal Post is a certified system, in particular by the CSTB, and intends to lay a solid base in the French region of Rhône-Alpes.

Source: Journal du bâtiment & des TP - Septembre 10 to 16, 2015




Techno Metal Post designs and manufactures screw piles, specialized installation equipment and all the elements required to support your permanent and temporary projects.

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