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Garden Room

Techno Metal Post supports your Garden Room

Strong, solid… steadfast

Have you been dreaming of a garden room? Need somewhere quiet you can work now you work from home? You’re planning a garden room; Whether it will be a granny annex for multigenerational living, a quiet garden office to start your home business, a home gym, a writer shed or a guest accommodation. Whether the design and building system will be a timber-frame cabin, light steel frame module, prefabricated build, you must ensure you have a safe, secure and reliable foundation!

No excavation and low footprint

Usually, foundation works also means ground works, excavation, soil removal, and disruption for the landscaping and grass. Using concrete for the ground beam, or deep/shallow concrete bases will take time and a lot of effort. There may also be limited access to your back garden. Moreover, you are looking for an ecofriendly project and you want it as simple and safe as possible!

Low ecological footprint

Techno Metal Post’s installation process is quick and environmentally friendly. With our specialized and compact installation machinery we can access many terrains, making it easy to install piles in narrow, uneven, or difficult-to-access areas without any disruption to your property or existing landscaping. There’s no need for excavation or soil removal either!

Certified and proven

Techno Metal Post’s helical piles are BBA certified and proven to be durable. They are designed, engineered, and tested to the highest standards. Whether you choose to build the space by yourself or hire the professionals, get in touch with our Certified Installer for your foundation system.

Simple and affordable

Techno Metal Posts are installed by our certified installers using specialized, powerful installation equipment, allowing you to build your project on a solid foundation without the inconvenience of concrete.

No excavation required

Techno Metal Post has developed a range of hydraulic machines dedicated entirely to the installation of helical piles. They are all designed to perform rigorous and reliable work. In most cases, no excavation should be necessary for common residential projects.

Low impact on the environment

Techno Metal Posts have very little impact on the environment, unlike concrete, which leaves a large ecological footprint. The installation equipment uses biodegradable hydraulic fluids, and our installers do everything possible to protect and preserve the surrounding area and its inhabitants

Simple and fast


With Techno Metal Post screw pile foundations, it’s possible to build a patio in a single day. Take a look at the following videos demonstrating how quick and easy it is to carry out a construction project using Techno Metal Post screw piles.



Techno Metal Post designs and manufactures screw piles, specialized installation equipment and all the elements required to support your permanent and temporary projects.

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