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August 15, 2017

New dealer in Michigan/Indiana, USA

In August 2017, Techno Metal Post was excited to train our very first dealer who took advantage of our brand new Veteran’s Program. We welcomed Robert S. Heil, our new dealer for South West Michigan to do our form of ‘basic training’.

After 8 years working in the military and being stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq; then 2 years of working for a civilian company overseas, Robert and his wife decided it was time to do something different. Travelling as much as he has, it has taken a toll on his family. So when he got introduced to Techno Metal Post by his brother Shawn, Robert decided to pursue this opportunity to start his own business. Shawn has a decking company in South West Michigan, and recognized the great fit for Robert to have a helical pile installation company. Robert then decided to inquire about becoming a Techno Metal Post dealer. After doing his research and due diligence on Techno Metal Post and other helical pile companies, the decision to choose Techno Metal Post became clear. Robert said, "Techno Metal Post was the best choice for me. With the Lac Michigan waterfront and all the inlands lake, South West Michigan will bring so many opportunities for this product."

Coming to Quebec for his training is the first time he has ever been to Canada and he really enjoyed all the things he learned while he was in this great province. Robert has a great sense of humour and the whole time he was here with us, he had us all laughing and enjoying his stories. He also taught us the term “Drop the Mic”, which you can google if you don’t know what that is. In addition to his great sense of humour, because of his military background Robert brings great skills of discipline, determination, perseverance and an ability to learn things very quickly. We know these skills will help him be very successful in his new dealership.

Robert has a beautiful wife named Cassidy and two lovely children, a boy named Charlie and a girl named Haddie. His family are the inspiration behind Robert wanting to change his career and start this dealership with Techno Metal Post. He is excited to be at home every night with his wife and children.

Robert has a deep passion for hunting and wants to plan to a hunting trip in Quebec sometime in the very near future. He also loves fishing. He is hoping this business will provide the balance in his life for family, work and his hobbies of hunting and fishing.

We look forward to seeing great things from Robert’s new dealership and wish him all the success in his new business venture with Techno Metal Post. We are excited to welcome you on board as our first Veteran Dealer for SW Michigan. (Drop the mic!)




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