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January 11, 2019

New dealer in Prince George, BC, Canada

Techno Metal Post is very happy to welcome two new dealers: Reece Hoath and Riley Hoath from British Columbia. These two brothers are establishing TMP Prince George.

Reece, an electrician by trade, currently works in the oil and gas industry in Fort McMurray. He is an electrical technician doing electrical maintenance at an oil refinery. His passion, however, is construction. He has done construction projects on his house, recently adding an addition. When it came time to put in a foundation he says, “I hate sonotubes”, so he started investigating Techno Metal Post helical piles as an alternative. As he looked further into the company and the product, he realized not only was it a good solution for his addition, but it was also a very good business venture. Soon after, he contacted Christian Rousseau (TMP Alberta) and looked into becoming a dealer.

Riley’s background is also in oil and gas (power engineering) and is a pipeline supervisor. He loves his job, but he says an opportunity to now work for himself is a huge attraction. And although he admits that in his field of work (pipelines), “We put in (driven) piles on a mega scale”, Riley says that up until six months ago he knew nothing about Techno Metal Post and helical piles. It was his brother Reece, excited about the prospect of working in the world of construction and TMP helical piles, who asked Riley if he wanted to join him and invest in the dealership.

Riley and Reece are both married, and each have young children who keep them busy. Reece says his three little ones “are a handful…and I love them!” With the TMP dealership based back home in Prince George, he is looking forward to coming off the road and being able to spend more time with his family.

Reece and Riley said they had a great week of training with us, and we thoroughly enjoyed their participation – the Hoath brothers possess a great sense of humour! Riley described all the information he received “like drinking from a fire hose…but done well in a week. It was a well thought out on-boarding process.” Reece expressed he was a little nervous at first: “you don’t know what the organization will be, but everyone was amazing. The organizing as a whole is wonderful…all coordinated nicely.” Both Riley and Reece were very impressed that we roll our own steel and make our own machinery: “To see them building an EM1 was amazing!” Reece said he especially likes TMP’s proprietary installation equipment “because they are compact and designed specifically for putting in those (helical) piles.”

When asked about their goals and aspirations, they say their goal is to help expand Techno Metal Post “because it’s a great company, with great people.” “That”, says Reece “and to enjoy what we’re doing.”




Techno Metal Post designs and manufactures screw piles, specialized installation equipment and all the elements required to support your permanent and temporary projects.

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