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December 12, 2018

New dealer in North West Michigan, USA

Bothers Matt and Joe Larson are a new Dealer-Installer team from Grand Rapids, Michigan. They joined the Techno Metal Post community this week, as Techno Metal Post Northwest Michigan.

Matt’s background in construction started at a young age, when one of his first jobs was doing tile work at a neighbour’s house. Today he has his own construction company and he says he loves working with his hands – “I can’t draw but I can build…I get to do something different every day.” Building and crafting are his art, and Matt continues to work with tiles, creating beautiful installations in people’s homes. Matt also loves the relational side of his work, meeting and being with clients. Building good relationships is a strong value he holds. He says he always enjoys an opportunity for “a callback for another project or a cup of coffee.”

Joe’s career in construction began with high-end painting jobs and he has been involved in construction for several years. He is also a machinist and welder and is very mechanically minded. He more recently returned to the world of mechanics.

Matt is married to a lovery wife and they have two daughters. “Life is pretty simple,” he says. Joe is also married and has two sons, “which keeps me busy.” Both Matt and Joe enjoy bow hunting and fishing in their spare time. Matt is a woodworker and Joe’s great passion is repairing and restoring old cars – his current love is a 1969 Nova, “second to my family” he is sure to add!

Matt found out about Techno Metal Post through a builder friend he was working with. He had heard about the company and our helical piles and had been very impressed, so passed along the information to Matt, who was equally impressed. Matt decided to investigate further and spent the past year following the trail to Techno Metal Post. At about this same time, Joe was looking to change gears and career, so when Matt said, “Come with me”, the Brothers Larson teamed-up their respective talents to establish Techno Metal Post Northwest Michigan.

Matt and Joe had a very good week with us. They appreciated the training and said people did a good job of explaining and “helping as need be.” Joe said he learned a lot and enjoyed how friendly everyone was and how “great (they were) at answering any questions I had.” Matt said that although a lot of the information covered was a refresher for him, given his years of experience in the construction industry, “it was very informative because there was stuff I didn’t know and had to learn.” With the intense pace of the week, both Matt and Joe appreciated the bit of quiet time at the end of each day, before supper, as well as the more informal get-togethers over food – “a chance to move around and get to know everyone.”

Heading home, Joe says he is eager to “start getting sales lined up and putting piles in the ground.” Matt is “excited to try and build a business” and that building relationships will still be at the heart of this dealership.




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