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June 21, 2019

New Dealer in Western Twin Tiers, PA, USA

Techno Metal Post is very happy to welcome Allen Arnold and Carissa Stewart, his fiancé, into the Techno Metal Post family. Together, they will be heading up Techno Metal Post Western Twin Tiers.

A veteran of the US military, Allen has several careers under his belt. He has worked in construction and was a logger for many years before becoming a security guard at the local college. As a security guard, his work eventually led him to more safety training and courses in CPR. This experience piqued his interest into continuing further in the field of health and safety. He and a friend and colleague considered becoming paramedics but decided to pursue nursing instead. His friend dropped out and Allen stayed on, becoming an emergency room nurse, a career he continues to enjoy. He says it is now time for a different chapter and to begin building his own business.

Carissa works as a Patient Access Rep at the same hospital as Allen. As they embark on this new Techno Metal Post adventure together, Carissa will help Allen look after the administration and marketing of their dealership (and maybe even install a pile or two!).

One episode of Holmes and Holmes on HGTV, where they were installing Techno Metal Post helical piles for a deck, was enough to hook Allen. Seeing the technology, he immediately realized, “it was a no-brainer!” and began looking for a Techno Metal Post dealer to install piles for his wrap-around porch. While on the Techno Metal Post website, he noticed the “become a dealer” button at the bottom of the page. He read further and realized he wanted to become a dealer. Carissa said Allen has wanted to have his own business for some time, and now a unique opportunity was presenting itself. Allen said he considered waiting another year before embarking on the venture but with Carissa’s encouragement, they took the leap now. Allen said, “If I start something, I finish it. I am not a quitter.” He decided to seize the moment. “I didn’t want to miss an opportunity that might not come around again…I didn’t want to see some other guy driving around my neighbourhood in a Techno Metal Post truck.”

Allen and Carissa said their week with us was “amazing!” They enjoyed the training and felt it was very thorough. Both completed all parts of the training, including the welding portion. Carissa says she wants to learn and do as much as possible so that she can answer clients’ questions. There was also a “Techno Metal Post First”: Allen managed to break Max’s sledgehammer during the sledgehammer test. There was lots of laughter, as well as many questions while they were here. Allen and Carissa were really taken with “with how happy everyone is.” And Allen was impressed with the fact that all our piles and equipment are made right here at our Techno Metal Post base in Thetford Mines. “It shows real commitment to this company.”

Allen and Carissa will continue working in their respective fields, as they get Techno Metal Post Western Twin Tiers off the ground. Allen said his first order of business as a new dealer is to install the piles for his own porch. “It’s the best advertising! And I won’t cover the piles either. Let everyone see that I use the product.” Some final reflections before heading back home, Allen said “I am nervous, but no longer afraid.” He knows he has been well-trained and will be well-supported in this new adventure.




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