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October 23, 2019

New Dealer in Chester Springs, PA, USA

Tim Durham is the newest dealer to join our Techno Metal Post family, establishing TMP Chester Springs (Chester County and Delaware County) in Pennsylvania. Tim has been a landscape designer and handyman for the past 35 years, and as someone who cares deeply for his customers, he has developed a very loyal clientele. “When a customer is happy, I’m happy; I can sleep at night.”

Tim shares a home with his wife Christine, their daughter Skyler (17), son JT (15), and Tim’s eldest son Jason (25). Jason, who is passionate about cars and currently works as a mechanic for BMW, will be helping his dad as Tim sets up TMP Chester Springs. Tim said what enjoys most is spending time with his family and working hard at what he loves: “I love to create. I love challenges and meeting new people. I love finishing projects beyond expectations.”

Tim found out about Techno Metal Post through his brother-in-law, Rick Caramanica of TMP Boylston in Massachusetts. He said Rick has been encouraging him to become a Techno Metal Post dealer for a while. Tim finally decided to take the leap and recently spent some time with Rick, learning more about TMP, and “getting my hands wet”. He said, “Landscaping is very stressful and physical. Techno Metal Post is also very physical but I have the machinery.” And looking down the road at his investment and hard work, Tim said, “I can also bring my sons into this business and leave them something when I retire.”

Tim and Jason spent the week training with us. Both said the experience was great and that “lots of questions were answered.” Tim said he especially appreciated the hands-on training. “I loved the chance to physically touch and do. The better you get, the more efficient you become – like landscaping and handywork.” Jason said, “It was great to see how complex and impressive the product is, and yet is easy to learn to use.” Both Tim and Jason talked about how welcomed they felt and the camaraderie they observed: “The thing I noticed in this place is that nobody is above anyone else. Everyone is smiling, laughing, telling jokes and still getting the job done. As soon as we walked in the door, we felt part of the family.”

As Tim embarks on this new chapter, he knows a big part of his job will be to educate people about TMP helical piles. “I’ve seen the building industry for years, and this technology is incredible. It solves so many problems. It’s also environmentally friendly, which is so important now.” He is also excited that he still gets to create and be of service to clients. “With landscape design, I created things people can enjoy for 10, 20, 50, 100 years. An addition to a house can do the same: enjoyment for customers. So, let’s see how we can make this grow!”




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