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Country Club of the Rockies Addition

Project: Country Club of the Rockies Addition

Year: 2021

Dealer: Techno Metal Post Pikes Peak Region

Location: Edwards, Colorado

Partner: RA Nelson

Engineer Involved: JAC Engineering, CTL Thompson

Project Goals and Challenges: Commercial helical pile projects in Colorado come with a higher level of prep work and pre-construction documentation than for residential projects. At this site, numerous technical aspects had to be performed to properly bid this project and to justify pile capacity including 4 test pile installations with recorded data, full-scale load testing, and extensive submittals and shop drawings of piles. After completing the extensive pre-construction process, we were able to complete the installation of the 79 piles in a total of 3 days. The soil profile had large amounts of cobble and rock at 8-10’ depth that required relocating a few piles. Engineers were also required to witness and record the installation of every pile installed as well as witness the dynamic impact testing using a TMP PJR impact hammer.

Type of Soil: Silty Clay, fill with large amounts of rock 3-12” in size.

Advantages using TMP: The TMP installation equipment was a perfect fit for this extremely small and confined mountain town construction site. We were able to maneuver with ease throughout the foundation excavation. Rough sloped mountain terrain was not a problem for the R2D, EM1, and ET1 machines. All 3 machines were crucial in the execution of this project. Our dual 10” and 12” helix piles allowed each pile to reach the required design load at the depth specified by the engineer. With higher torque being implemented on these piles, the reinforced coupling fully allowed this project to go smoothly without any product failures.

Materials used: (79) P3 10’ - 10”/12” dual helix, HD shop welded coupler, (79) ½”-6”x6” flat cap with P3 hole fully welded to piles, 7’ P3 HD coupler extensions where required.

Equipment used: EM-1, ET-1, R2D with PJR for hit testing, x2 Lincoln welders with 5/32” 7018 welding rod, Skid steer for material handling, mini excavator for removing surface-level boulders.

Bearing capacity: The required loads for this job at each pier cap location ranged from 29kips to 55 kips. Each reinforced concrete pile cap location had either 2, 3, or 4 piers installed to meet the required load as called out by the engineer.

Depth: Depths ranged from 10’-15’ deep depending on the location of the helical pile within the excavation. Some of the pier cap locations were stepped up at a higher elevation.

Structure Details: The structure was a large 2-story addition to the existing golf course Country Club. A reinforced concrete grade beam was then poured on top of the pile caps throughout the footprint of the building to complete the foundation. 8 of the 79 helical piers were also used in the concrete foundation of the elevator shaft.

Testimonials: The General Contractor was very pleased with our timeliness, professionalism, and efficient install. They had never seen installation equipment like ours and were blown away at how quickly we were able to complete the scope of work.

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